Sporting Clubs and Associations
Any Sporting Club or Association based in Alice Springs or overseen by a Northern Territory Figure Organisation/Branch/Association can become a member of the Desert Sports Foundation (DSF). Sport Clubs or Associations must be or belong to a peak body whose events are officially recognized by Territory or Commonwealth Sporting Bodies.

Membership allows your participants who are based in Central Australia to submit a Grant Application to us in order to receive financial support if they have participated in competitions either intra or interstate.

Membership fee is $300 for new and renewing memberships.
NB: If your membership is not up to date, your participants will be unable to receive a grant from the Desert Sports Foundation (DSF).

Corporate Membership
To be a Corporate Member, an individual or business must contribute either in kind or with direct finance of $600 to support the work of the Desert Sports Foundation (DSF).

Foundation Members
Foundation Members of the Desert Sports Foundation (DSF) were licensed Sporting Clubs in Alice Springs who paid an initial fee of $600 so that our Foundation could be provided with liquidity to begin its operations.

Individual Members
Individual Members can become a member of the Desert Sports Foundation with the payment of an initial joining membership fee of $150. Individuals can renew their membership in subsequent years with a renewal payment yearly of $100.

AGM Who Can Vote
At any Desert Sports Foundation (DSF) Annual General Meeting, any Club, Association, or Foundation Member Organisation is entitled to one vote only. The Desert Sports Foundation (DSF) will request Member Organisations to declare the individual who will carry their vote prior to any voting process beginning. Corporate Members do not have voting rights. Individual Members may be able to cast a vote, provided that they are not a member of a voting organisation above, who has already declared their individual to carry their vote.